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Wider Public Service Reform

There are a number of factors that contribute to people's health and wellbeing that are much wider than the NHS – they include poor housing, fear of crime, worklessness, domestic violence, loneliness, inactivity, and limitations on the aspiration and resilience of young people. Such factors significantly affect mental and physical health. By reforming the way we have been and will be providing services and supporting more residents to be well and independent, there will be reduced demand for health and care services.


Plans for health and social reform, that the locality plan and Healthier Wigan Partnership are working towards within Wigan, will not be as successful unless there is wide scale change in public service as a whole and health and care works with services such as the Police, Education and support functions.


The Public Service Reform Board in Wigan is responsible for joining these wider services but this collaboration has to work closely with Healthier Wigan because we all recognise this is about people not systems.


Other public service partners are working hard to align their teams, or at least provide single points of contact, for each of the Service Delivery Footprints (SDFs). Partners involved include GMP, DWP, the leisure trust, probation, schools, employment support, antisocial behaviour teams and others.

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