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Place based working

You may have already read or heard the term place based working. This refers to all the Healthier Wigan partners and their staff working together to make a much stronger connection between wider public services and health and care services in a specific area. For Wigan and Leigh this has started by identifying seven service delivery footprints (SDFs) or areas in the town.


All partners are committed to working in this way and health and social care professionals are working together in their specific areas to provide consistency and a combined approach for supporting local people.


Other public service partners are working hard to align their teams, or at least provide single points of contact, for each of the SDFs. Wider partners involved include GMP, DWP, the leisure trust, probation, schools, employment support, antisocial behaviour teams and others. This is work in progress but already introductions are being made in each place, and new connections between colleagues from different agencies are being developed.


GPs, housing, police and social care are using SDF huddles to great effect to bring a range of partners together. There is further work to do on this but there is a named SDF manager for each area seeking to connect people together from across the breadth of public services.


This is about developing relationships between partners in each SDF, working together, knowing each other, not referring but talking, and making use of the best connection to support them from whatever service they are from.


Watch our place based animation here.

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