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Healthier Wigan will focus on preventing illness by joining health and care services together to offer better services, closer to home for local people. The partnership is bringing together healthcare professionals to combine the skills and experience they already have and where necessary, using them in a more effective way.


The partnership is taking a place-based approach by segmenting the borough into 7 areas, they are our Service Delivery Footprints (SDFs) and by doing this it will be easier to connect people together across the breadth of public services. This is about developing relationships between partners in each SDF, working together, knowing each other, not referring but talking, and making use of the best connection to support them from whatever service they are from.


This will ensure local people live healthier lives, make services better value for money and the whole system is more affordable. Encouragement and sharing thoughts of how the people in the borough can be more independent and care for themselves -making a difference in their own lives.

To reach these ambitious goals Healthier Wigan are currently focusing on:


  • New Models of Care

    To reduce the quantity of basic treatments currently being carried out in hospitals; offering patients these treatments locally either within their GP practices or nearby. Healthier Wigan will support local GPs and surgeries to work with wider groups and services. Prevention and early intervention is how the people in our community will live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

  • Integrating Community Services

    Specifically focusing on Adults within our borough and ensuring they have one point of contact and that the care is tailored to them and ensures they come out of a cycle of hospital visits.

  • Outpatient care

    If you do need hospital care we want that to be as short as possible and any follow ups to your treatment we want to be close to where you live. Like much of the Healthier Wigan work it will focus around where you live, so you don’t need to travel as far.

  • Children’s Services

    By working together and pooling knowledge and experience we already know through the deal for children and young people that the children and families in the borough see real long term benefits. The work that is currently underway will bring those services closer together and make sure the partnership staff, individuals and families are supported for the best outcome for the child.

  • Reforming your life for the long term

    Healthier Wigan is supporting all the services; from NHS staff to the Police service in the borough to work closely in the area they are in and share knowledge to create an environment and future that everyone in the borough is proud of and feels they can reach their goals.

  • Reduce the numbers of people dying early

    The partnership will support an existing project called ‘The heart of Wigan’, now in its 3rd phase. Recognising that Wigan and the areas around have individuals that are more likely to die early through conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease, we need to reduce those affected through spotting the signs early.

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Our Work