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Wigan borough has agreed its locality plan as the Deal for Health and Wellness - Further Faster Towards 2020 where we set out our plan to achieve an affordable health and care system for the future. It includes our ambitious plans to integrate services that have never been integrated before: such as community nursing and adult social care.


This five-year locality plan describes the exciting transformation of the Wigan health and social care system. It set out how we will create a more integrated system focused on keeping people well and delivering more services closer to home.


A key enabler to the delivery of the Locality Plan is the establishment of a Local Care System (LCS) in Wigan, which we now know as the Healthier Wigan Partnership.


Easily accessible seamless services


The Healthier Wigan Partnership has 3 main objectives:

  • Support residents to remain healthy and be independent.
  • Deliver high-quality health and care services that are part of an affordable, integrated system.
  • Enable residents to receive services at or close to home, unless there is a good reason that they need to be in hospital.


It recognises that in order to deliver truly effective and efficient out of hospital health and social care, providers need to work together as part of a new collaborative partnership, which has clear and robust governance structures with the power and ability to reshape care delivery.


At the heart of these new plans are GP practices, surgeries, out-of-hospital care, hospital, social care and community services. Services will be brought nearer to you, local people. Services you would previously only have received in hospital. At the same time hospitals will still give you the very best treatment but you may need to travel to see specialist doctors.


Part of the partnerships role is to develop new strategies and policies that can guide. As policies and strategies are decided on, this page will be updated with links.

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