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Healthier Wigan aims to ensure that people are treated as close to home as possible and in the most appropriate settings. This will also ensure that our most expensive resource, the hospital, is used to treat the most acutely ill patients. It is important, particularly for older people, to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation and the loss of independence that long stays can create.


The quality of care at hospitals will remain a priority throughout and we still value the input of our highly skilled hospital teams as part of a broader patient centred approach to care.


Healthier Wigan and the integrated discharge team have already made significant impact in 2016-2017, helping 81 more people to be discharged directly home from hospital rather than into residential care.


The team includes discharge coordinators from the hospital, district nurses from our integrated community services team and domiciliary care services. Also, housing colleagues are involved, as is the homeless service, along with reablement staff, social workers, social care officers and mental health workers.


The integrated discharge team has a single senior manager, who is crucial to make sure that the process of discharge is managed as one system. There is consistency and encouragement for strong relationships that encourages shared responsibility for solving problems.

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