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We’re listening - to make Wigan Healthier we need to understand what matters to you.


A new system means working together and involving not just the partnership but also residents within the borough. To make services better to meet the needs of everyone within the community we need your views. And there are lots of opportunities where you can have your say and help to design the health services of your and your family’s future.


Over the last two years within the Wigan and Leigh area we have held listening events across all of the health services. These have been held at lots of different locations including community centres, surgeries and libraries.


In order for us to meet our partnership goal to support the health and independence of all, knowing the type of support you and your family need is essential in helping us to deliver the very best quality service for you to access when you need it. Ensuring that you can independently look after your health, in the best way for you and ultimately stop you from becoming ill.


Get involved and help us to make changes that will have a big impact on your community!

The Deal for Health and Wellness has started the process within the borough on how we keep people well, but in order to ensure that we all play our parts we need to get everyone thinking, talking and taking action.


  • Patient groups
  • Health champions
  • Listening events
  • Health watch
  • Community book (

If you can’t make it to any of these we would still like to hear your comments at:

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Get involved and help us to make changes that have will have a big impact on your community!

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