What it means

For residents

There are major benefits in creating a Local Care Organisation (LCO) for the people of Wigan and Leigh and those who work in the services.


Patients have told us in the past that they don’t want to repeat conversations to different health professionals. By sharing patient information this will reduce duplication of their assessments and tests. Access to services should be faster and there is a greater focus on mental health and long-term conditions.


In 2014 you also told us how you want to be supported:

  • The professionals to be there …stepping in when I need them
  • Care centred around me as the patient
  • Multi agency approach to delivering care seamlessly
  • First call for the patient needs to be the GP
  • Everyone should work to a single care plan that has been agreed with me and my family
  • There will be someone who looks after the whole needs of the individual – a ‘Care Co-ordinator’
  • I want to be treated as an individual
  • Practical, proper support for self-management


We’re putting people first

Residents will be supported to make the right choices and improve their own health from not just the healthcare system changes but also through the boroughs Deal for Health and Wellness. If you want to share your thoughts on how the partners of Heathier Wigan can help to keep you and your family well contact us.


What’s being put in place for integration:

  • Share to Care
  • Community Book
  • GP drop ins
  • Shared Management arrangements
  • Asset based connecting

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