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Services for Children and Younger people

In Wigan we have high ambitions and a clear vision for our children, young people and families. We want them to feel safe and to care about their health, education and employment. We also want them to be confident and resilient individuals who are connected to their community and are able to make an effective contribution as responsible local people. To achieve this vision we are redesigning services across Wigan borough and we are confident that this will lead to better outcomes including an improved quality of life for our children, young people and families whilst ensuring that we work in partnership with our communities to build resilience and self-reliance.


Our redesign is based around four key pillars of reform; a reformed Start Well delivery model, Educational System Reform, Reform of Statutory Service, and Workforce Reform. Through these four work streams we are able to focus on the areas highlighted as vitally important to us by our children and young people, parents, partners including schools and Early Years settings, health and the community voluntary sector.

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Our Work